Art and Anne Frank Series

Iris Berger

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Leaving the Annexe (2013)

charcoal inks and pastels 72 x 53cm

Here is an outline of Anne’s head where the light of hope filters in. At the top is the Westertoren seen and heard from the attic window. At a lower level is Anne’s bedroom, now empty, and on the right is the living room. To these rooms Anne and the others ascended via the smaller staircase. Then they descended to the landing, where a hopeful light filters in. Behind the landing window are the misty walls of a camp. Stairs descend to the outside reality which gives way to the railway track, along which the family would be taken to Auschwitz. Anne and her sister would also go by rail to Belsen. Images of concentration camps are depicted in the lower right side. Even in the hiding place life is precarious.

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